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April 3, 2001 - Tuesday
I don't know why I find this surprising, but Harry gets erections in the morning. I've notice it a couple of times, as has his mother, when doing his first-of-the-day diaper change. Of course, it's a quite natural and common occurrence for males as their bodies begin to awaken and the blood starts flowing through their veins with a bit more vigor than when asleep. That part of the body tends to react to the extra blood flow. But, for some reason - I don't know why other than that I never really thought about it - I hadn't quite expected those features to be developed so quickly in a little boy. On the other hand, Harry, like other little boys, is quite curious these days about his "pee-pee" (a title we believe it was given by his former daycare provider) during almost any diaper change. We tend not to discourage him too much, thinking he needs to be aware of his body, but do not let him delay the diaper change. I tend to think that his former daycare provider discouraged him from touching, but it's not clear. Certainly he'll need to learn limits, but a gradual education seems appropriate in this case.

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