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April 11, 2001 - Wednesday
Harry continues to enjoy the cat - including pulling the cat's tail and laying on top of the cat like it were a stuffed animal - and the cat, while still quite leery of Harry much of the time, usually plays along for at least some short amount of time, always holding out hope for some hint of affection and soothing patting. Of course, the cat does love playing with Harry when he starts dragging his ribbons around the living room for the cat to chase.

Yet, Harry is in word-learning mode and, having mastered "cat" back in November, has now almost perfected the cat's own 'word.' With striking regularity, when Harry either sees or hears the cat, he'll begin calling out not only "cat, cat," but "cat, cat, mah, mah" imitated the Paavo's pronounced meow. Best of all - or worse depending - Harry seems to be able to match the cat's piercing tone by calling out "mah" just about at the top of his little lungs each time.

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