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April 28, 2001 - Saturday
When Harry's been in his booster seat for a little while eating dinner, it's almost inevitable that he'll start playing with his food, pushing it side to side at best, and dropping it on the floor or throwing it on lesser occasions. We've tried to curb the bad habits as much as possible, but it's an ongoing challenge. However, one little flourish that I find endearing, and indeed promote to get him to eat a little more, is a flamboyance for eating food where he'll thrust some morsel into his mouth and dramatically pull his hand away with a grand "ahhh, um" sound. The "um" part is well back in the throat and almost a "bmum" and is very pronounced. I don't know where he got this noise from, other than to think that he made it up on his own. Admittedly, I make this sound more than Harry these days as I try to get him to pay attention to his food, but he's been doing it for several weeks and it's one small endearing thing about our toddler.

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