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August 13, 2001 - Monday
Last night Harry's mother got up at something like 2:00am to go to Harry. Somehow, I never heard him cry and didn't wake up until she came back to bed. She again left Harry to find his own way to sleep and, fortunately, it went a little more smoothly than last night. I guess I was tired from staying up too much the night before.

More interestingly, as I was singing Harry to sleep last evening and got to the end of Over the Rainbow and held the last note, Harry tried to match the pitch. He was going up and down and obviously trying to sing what I was singing. I sang the note again up an octave higher in his range and he again hovered around the note and eventually nailed it. I did it one more time, but he was somehow less committed to getting it again. But, Harry is getting the idea of singing.

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