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August 23, 2001 - Thursday
Harry's has had the "starter train" set for a few months now, but seemed of late to have a growing interest in "choo-choo train." So, this past Sunday his mother and I augmented his little figure 8 loop with the "Super Deluxe" version of the same set (only another $20) and that has been Harry's obsession much of the week. The toys' boxes say these trains are toys for 3 and up, but Harry seems to do pretty well as long as his mother or I are there to both set up a track layout and constantly right upended train cars and bridges. Actually, Harry's doing noticeably better even on those more dexterous skills than he was when he started playing the first set and now even can roll the train behind his back and around to the other side as he sits in the middle of the configuration.

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