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January 3, 2001 - Wednesday
Today was Lucas's last day at Harry's daycare. He has apparently graduated to preschool and I'm sorry to see him go. I guess my impression is heavily based on anecdotes, but it seems like he and Harry had something of a happy friendship, Harry's first. Of course, there are other children at daycare, all closer to Harry's age and he reportedly plays well with them all. But, my sense was that he and Lucas had a special rapport even though Lucas was almost two years older.

I know I'm probably over-dramatizing this acquaintance. They babbled to each other at nap time because they slept relatively close together and hung out a little at the playground. Yet, it's pleasantly symbolic to his parents who want Harry to have friends, feel liked, and never be the awkward and lonely kid at the playground and maybe Lucas was a nice beginning. It's a parent's hope.

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