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June 27, 2001 - Wednesday
I did something today I don't think I would ever have done before Harry was born: I got up before 4:00am to drive four hours to an industry convention. I guess I have faced lack of sleep now and have somehow come top terms with it. I thought I'd be gone all day and get back home very late, but I ended up leaving early and actually thought I might get home in time to put Harry to sleep. It didn't work out do to a couple minor delays and I missed him by just a minute or two, says his mother. But, the whole way home I was calculating the minutes and trying to predict whether Harry would have gone to sleep yet. How about that for obsessive?

Harry's mother says that his morning was even better than yesterday afternoon and I'm sorry I missed it. Apparently, when she went in to see Harry this morning, he wasn't lying on his bed as usually, but rather standing at his window on tip toes trying to see if the backhoe was still there. Indeed it was and his mother took him out to see it again. And again, she says, he first ran toward it, then asked to be carried in order to make better progress across the field. Yet, the best part of the morning was when that the highway department started work while he was out there and Harry was able to watch the backhoe dig. What's more, a nice man let Harry sit in the backhoe and play with the levers a little before they started working. The backhoe wasn't on, of course, but that probably didn't matter much to Harry. He was probably living a toddler's dream.

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