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March 18, 2001 - Sunday
Following last night's big success with "wah wah" and the glass, this morning at breakfast Harry was, he thought, completely ready for adult drinking glasses. He wanted my orange juice and who was I to argue. The orange juice glass was even a little smaller and more manageable than the water glass from last night, so perhaps it would be OK. Still, I tried to spot him as he raised the glass to his lips. But, this time, unlike last night, Harry would have none of it. He protectively pulled the glass to the other side of his chest, away from my reach, and looked right at me saying "no, no."

Well, there you have it. Harry was going to drink the orange juice without me help. And, wouldn't you know, he did. He took one sip and then another and the praise from his parents rained down supreme. His mother got a little misty at her son's progress. Harry blushed and recoiled into his hunched shoulders, still holding the glass. Unfortunately, the excitement got the better of him and he thrust the glass back toward his face, but this time with the familiar motion of the sippy cup. The orange juice glass, though, did not have the protective cover of the sippy cup and Harry startled himself with a splash of OJ in the chest. His father recoiled. His mother said he had another clean outfit. Harry got back to business and had another sip of the juice.

I think, for better and/or worse, Harry is going to be an independent, headstrong boy like his father.

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