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May 4, 2001 - Friday
When Harry and I got home yesterday I noticed the it was about time for our lawn to get some attention, having now grown high enough to warrant the first mowing of the season. I also thought Harry'd probably get a kick out of riding on the lawn mower tractor as he has in the past, especially since he hadn't ridden on it since I used it to plow snow. I figured we'd spend fifteen minutes or so doing just the back side yard, then stop and do something else while we waited for his mother to get home from work. Sure enough, Harry was happy to go for a ride. However, the fifteen minute part was a mistake.

Who would have thought it? But, after we finished this small piece and I took the earphone-style ear protectors off Harry's head, he didn't want to go anywhere. In fact, he grabbed the earphones and ambitiously tried to put them back on his own head. Well, there's plenty of lawn at our new house, so he didn't have to convince me. I helped him with the earphones and went on to the next piece. We were almost finished with that when Harry's mother arrived and took him inside to start the dinner. I finished the lawn mowing. Harry was not happy, but eventually relented. While the dinner was cooking I figured I had time for one more small piece of lawn right in front of the house.

It was indeed a lovely day, and that meant that I'd left the front door open with just the screen door in place. Wouldn't you know, but before very long at all, there was Harry with his face pushed up against the screen, eyeing the lawn tractor go around in a big rectangle. I thought he'd last there just a couple of minutes, get bored, and go off to something else. But, wrong was I again. After what must have been close to ten minutes, I decided to go get Harry for more riding. We happily went around in more rectangles until it was time for dinner.

Now, if I can somehow get retain Harry to retain this fascination with the lawn mower for another 15 years, I'll be all set.

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