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November 20, 2001 - Tuesday
Harry doesn't go to sleep anymore when I sing to him and that's a little disappointing. In fact, it's been going on long enough so I'm starting to think that this routine of ours, that has often been such a special time between Harry and me for several months now, is likely to have to change soon. When I lie down with him, instead of asking for a song, Harry now immediately starts talking. And, it is charming, no doubt. Harry talks about his day, or events from the past (he still talks about going down the "big slide" at the playground outside the hospital the day after Jeremy was born), or, if he can't think of anything else, he'll identify the parts of my face and I happily lie there and egg him on. It's certainly a new type of special time. This evening, for example, Harry heard Jeremy stirring downstairs and said "Jeremy waking up." Then after a moment's pause and visible introspection, he proudly corrected himself saying, "Jeremy IS waking up." How wonderful it is to hear him talk and learn right there next to me, with just the light from the hall revealing the expressions on his face.

Unfortunately, it is about bedtime and going to sleep and I sense that Harry has reached he point where he knows that. He further seems to know that if we talk, I won't start singing right away and that will effectively delay his going to sleep, the instinctual goal of any child from about this age until the pre-teens. Harry has started to work the bedtime ritual.

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