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September 10, 2001 - Monday
Yesterday morning, Harry had a great thrill helping his mother cook breakfast. We were having waffles, as we often do Sunday mornings, and Harry's mother had the clever thought of bringing this small step ladder into the kitchen so he could watch. Often at mealtimes, Harry insists on having his mother pick him up while she is trying to cook and that causes problems: either with cooking or with Harry whining incessantly. We think rather than specifically wanting his mother's attention, although it usually doesn't work if I hold him up to see what she's doing, he really wants to see what's going and play with whatever she is. So, this solution seemed to work like a charm. Here you can see Harry stirring the batter for the waffles. The reason I'm writing about this today is that this morning, after his mother had long since gone to work and as he and I were getting ready for today's breakfast, he mentioned several times about how he had "help cook" with mommy, pointing at this particular countertop with an undoubtedly wonderful memory of mother-son bonding.

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