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September 21, 2001 - Friday
Yesterday there was a backhoe on the street outside Harry's daycare when we got there in the morning and Harry couldn't wait to jump out of the car and run over to see it. The town water department was there to repair an apparently broken water main going into one of the houses across the street and they were going to be digging. I could guess that Harry was going to have a good day. But, I never thought I'd hear all about it: not from Harry anyway. But I did both last evening and this morning.

"Backhoe, digging. Noisy. Drive it. Big truck. Dump it. Watch it, window. Josh, grab hair. Keen, 'enough.' Josh hug." Harry used those words to describe yesterday's events and I figured I had a pretty good sense of the day's activities. Just to make sure, I asked Christine, his daycare provider, whether the following things actually happened yesterday: the backhoe did dig; it was noisy; one of the people from the water department let Harry sit in the backhoe; a big truck came to dump gravel and fill the hole once the water pipe was fixed; Harry watched it from inside looking out the window of her house; Harry's daycare buddy Josh pulled Harry's hair; she told him to stop and said 'enough'; Josh and Harry hugged and made up. She said yes, those things all happened.

How was your day?

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