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April 21, 2003 - Monday
"Jeremy drink your milk," says his mother.
"Jeremy shakes his head "no."
"Yes, Jeremy you need to drink your milk," she says holding his cup up toward him.
He raises his arms to swat it away.
I come around this table and sit in mommy's seat next to Jeremy and lift his cup to him. He drinks it. I suggest he drink it by himself. He does.

It's a remarkable little scene that we seen three or four times now and I really don't quite understand it. It's not like I've fought with him about this in the past and he knows not to mess with dad. We do this every morning during the week together after his mother has left for work. Maybe it's just habit, although he always sits next to mommy at dinner. This morning it was actually Jeremy's vitamin suppliment, applied into his mouth with an eye dropper. He actually refused his mother's attempts, then actually pointed to me. I came around and he opened his mouth.

He likes me better? Not a chance. Jeremy is still happily a mama's boy. Maybe this is just daddy's thing.

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