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February 26, 2003 - Wednesday
For about a couple of weeks now, Harry has been asking me "what are you going to do today" or "where are you going to go today" on the way to pick up Jeremy. I'm sure he's known our afternoon routine for a long time: I pick him up at school, then we get Jeremy at his baby-sitter's house, and then we either go somewhere or go home. He used to just say things like "I want to go to the playground with lots and lots of slides" or "I want the church tower playground." Now, with this question, it feels more like we're having a discussion about it and that's very nice. Sometimes I'll say something and he'll disagree with the idea. That happened a lot last week after he'd gotten his new trains and he'd say "I just want to go home." Sometimes he'll like my idea, like going to play with the trains at a store. And, sometimes he'll come up with an idea I hadn't thought of. Whatever the outcome, I take this as an indication that Harry is realizing that it's not all about what he wants. Or, if it is at least he's getting a little more polite about it.

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