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July 24, 2003 - Thursday
Just like we did last July, we took the boys on a plane to Pittsburgh to visit their maternal grandfather. In fact, we took the very same early flight, picking the boys up from their beds and putting them in the car still with their pajamas on. And, not surprisingly, it worked well, if just a little less well than last year. No, there were no in flight meltdowns from the soon-to-be two-year-old, but Jeremy was a lot less patient about sitting in his mother's lap this time. He was a little interested in the planes and trucks moving around the airport, but he was more interested in putting the window shades up and down. And, he did cry out in protest on a couple of occasions, long enough, I think for the people around us to know there was a child there and maybe worry about the trip a little, but never for a prolonged enough period of time to make them truly uncomfortable (at least that was my sense remembering plane rides before I had my own kids).

Harry? He still like the plane ride a great deal and got excited about the planes and trucks moving around the airport. He understood more about going to Pittsburgh, remembering the trip from one year ago. Yet, a hint of the raw wonder and amazement that was so delightful to watch last year was gone with a year more of intellect and experience. Besides that, it was a cloudy day and we couldn't see much out the plane window much after we got up in the air. For Harry, that meant more time for a new coloring book his mother wisely picked up at couple of days ago. On the other hand, a year more of intellect and experience meant more time learning about the plane, analyzing airport operations, and planning our outings in Pittsburgh based on his surprisingly strong memories from last year.

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