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March 15, 2003 - Saturday
Three and a half months ago I noted that Jeremy had finally started to show an interest in books. That first wave probably coincided with his learning his first set of words. That's a guess, but over the last week or so Jeremy has been obsessed with books again, not just at naptime, but at playtime in the living room. Lately he's regularly over at the bookshelf pulling down his new favorites: Thomas and the School Trip (is he following Harry's love of trains and Thomas the Tank Engine?), Arthur's Reading Race, and, my old favorite from Harry's early reading years, Go, Dog, Go. Sometimes he'll grunt to get us to read the story to him. But, seemingly just as often, he'll just sit and flip through the pages himself.

All of this seems to coincide with an acceleration in Jeremy's use of words, although I suppose it could simply be that his two-child parents are going through a phase of paying closer attention to the babbling sounds that have been coming out of his mouth since December. Still, words like "step," "down," "dog," "bus," and "out[side]" are pretty clear now and, I do believe I heard Jeremy mimic "purple ice cream" with surprising clarity when Harry requested black raspberry for dessert.

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