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March 27, 2003 - Thursday
I took these pictures yesterday morning. It was the first time Jeremy had his own bowl of cereal and already today he was much neater and more adept with the spoon. For the last week or so Jeremy's been asking for some cereal out of my bowl and I've spoon-fed it to him. It's not that I mind sharing my cereal with him, in fact it reminds me of wonderful breakfasts with a younger Harry sitting on my knee at a very similar age and I've come very close to taking Jeremy out of his booster seat and doing the same with him.

Ultimately I've convinced myself that doing that would be impractical, especially if Jeremy were to like the idea and want to do it daily. It would add a ritual to a morning schedule that's already tenuous and Harry would probably get jealous and make unmanageable demands. Besides, I've learned that at Jeremy's age of growing independence, doing things for himself is often a reward of its own. So, while poor second-child Jeremy doesn't get the same attention as his older brother did, he gets to learn on his own more. Hopefully, it all balances out.

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