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May 2, 2003 - Friday
What would Harry do without these trains?
What would we do without these trains?

Harry plays with these Thomas the Tank Engine trains daily, almost whenever he's home and downstairs. Lately after school he's refused, although certainly not always, going to the playground in order to "go home and play with my trains." He makes up stories or recreates stories (often some combination of the two) from his complete Thomas the Tank Engine stories book (a $25 hard cover that has long since gotten its money's worth) and from the two Thomas the Tank Engine videos he's seen: one that we have and a second that we've recently borrowed from the library. We checked that second out one a week ago on Wednesday and Harry has literally watched it every day since and would watch it more if we'd let him. And, certainly that has added to his enthusiasm for his trains, but he was like this with the trains before getting this new video.

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