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October 8, 2003 - Wednesday
Harry and Jeremy line up at one end of a long wooden path that weaves around the effective ground level of church tower playground. They start inside a little semi-enclosed structure that is supposed to be something of a wooden play car. For Harry and Jeremy, it is the starting gate.

We've seen a few horse races on TV lately and, heck, horse races are quite exciting in and for their relative brevity. Harry can read the numbers on the silks, can pick out the colors, and can understand, to a point, the stretch run to the finish and one horse finishing first and winning. Jeremy? He certainly understands it less well, but perhaps it's exciting enough to see horses running and his brother and father getting excited about it.

"No, Jeremy, you can't start yet. Ready? Ding-a-ling-a-ling. And, they're off," Harry says and they both start running from out of the wooden half car and across the wooden walk-way through the church tower playground; Harry, naturally, running much faster than Jeremy.
"Din-lin-din-lin. Off," says Jeremy, probably mimicking his brother more than the race on TV, but he has just as much fun and it's particularly fun to watch his excited little face.

The far end of this long wooden path actually forms something of a loop and so the boys can come back the same way, ending at this wooden car structure. Harry always wins, but he understands that concept a little and Jeremy doesn't. So, it all works out.

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