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September 21, 2003 - Sunday
After Jeremy woke up from his nap this afternoon and had a snack in the kitchen with his mother, he came over to the sofa where I was watching football. He climbed up on the sofa, sat beside me, and said "hoot-bah," correctly identifying the sport I was watching. Like a good positive parent I turned and said, "that's right, Jeremy, it's football." He smiled and said it again, "hoot-bah," but with a little more vigor. So, I said it again, too, with stronger accent on the first syllable: "foot'-ball" and that made him laugh and he said it again with a stronger accent. Then we both said it again, a little louder and with a little more animation and soon we we're both sitting on the sofa gleefully saying "hoot-bah"/"foot-ball." In lieu of a macho head butt I squeezed his little body with my hands and said "foot-ball" and he laughed and said "hoot-bah" and we were both yelling "hoot-bah"/"foot-ball" on the sofa and his mother turned from what she was doing in the kitchen and said nothing with pursed lips and slightly squinted eyes.

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