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January 10, 2001 - Wednesday
It's amazing how much can change in such a short time. I was away for just four days and I immediately notice that Harry's vocabulary has increased. Well, I suppose it's not his 'vocabulary' literally, though he now knows "car" and seemingly "go," but he makes many more sounds. He's picked up the letters "p" and "g," as well as a variety of new vowel sounds and the most fun part was that he seemed to try to show them all off when he met me at the airport. He babbled on and on and pointed at and correctly identified cars as we walked to our own vehicle. With this much excitement, I had no choice but to sit in back with Harry and play games for the ride home, which was interrupted by at quick stop at a Rainforest Cafe since neither mommy or daddy had had a sufficient dinner yet. The Rainforest Cafe is a new discovery for us, but one we're likely to visit again. It offers children a bonanza of animal noises, flashing lights, fish tanks, and mechanical jungle animals to distract them fully while parents have a reasonably good meal.

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