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June 26, 2001 - Tuesday
It was better than Christmas morning when Harry came home today. The town's highway department was digging up the road near our intersection and left a backhoe parked there overnight. Needless to say, Harry was quite beside himself.

Actually, Harry didn't notice it right away from the car as we neared home. He was looking down at something and didn't respond when I first said to look. But, just as we drove by Harry did a visible double-take. With a decided awe of wishful anticipation he exclaimed, "backhoe, Harry," craning his head as we drove past. We pulled into the garage and dallied just long enough to get a drink - he had been asking for one all the way home - from a water bottle in the garage, but then it was off to the backhoe. I put Harry down on the grass and let him go, arms waving, legs pumping, calling out "backhoe, run, look." Then , about half way there, Harry stopped, and realizing he wasn't making the progress I could, ordered "up." So, I happily strode him the rest of the way and spent a delightful hour with Harry at the backhoe.

His mother got home long before Harry was finished with the backhoe and saw what was going on and came out to witness Harry's pure delight and good fortune. Interestingly, there was a point at which Harry's mother decided Harry was dirty (above right) and needed to be cleaned up for dinner. She tried to pick him up to go inside. That, however, was not greeted well, so his mother went in to start the dinner and I waited for Harry a little longer. I often suggested that it was getting time to go in and eat and Harry's inevitable response was, not surprisingly, "no." Yet, remarkably, that changed. After another 15 minutes or so Harry finally, himself, said "all done." I picked him up and brought him away from the backhoe without a single complaint. I even put him down and posed him for the above picture, then picked him up again and went inside. I guess he was just happy and content.

Click for more pictures of Harry and the backhoe.

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