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March 10, 2001 - Saturday
The last three mornings have been terrible. Harry's woken up before 5:00am in an inconsolable mood each day. He's been fighting off a cold for a few days that has developed into a cough and, apparently, a sore throat. We figured the problem was that once Harry started to complain, the crying would just make it sorer, and then he'd cry more. On Thursday after we got into the car for our drive into work and daycare, things had continued long enough for his mother to decided it was time to give Harry some baby Tylenol. The medicine seemed to help.

Friday morning it was worse. The only bright spot was when, at 5:30am in the morning, we decided to try giving him a little honey. He's old enough now and that's what I often use for my on sore throats. But the success was short lived and this time, convinced of a bad sore throat and after Harry refused more honey, we stopped at a drug store on the way to work and picked up some baby decongestant/sore throat medicine. If I remember right, and with all the commotion it's hard to know what happened, we gave him both that and more Tylenol. It seemed to help, but somewhat less than the day before.

This morning was the worst. Perhaps, that's just because Harry was with us the whole day. His daycare provider had said he's been fine the last couple of days, so perhaps he's just giving his parents the business. Whatever the fact, Harry made us empathize with those parents that have colicky babies, who cry like this all the time. I suppose human can adjust to almost anything and if a baby is crying constantly, one must begin to get acclimated to it in a way. However, it cannot be enjoyable in any way.

Through the course of this awkward day, Harry's mother did discover a real potential cause for Harry's unpleasantness. He's had a cold and cough to be sure, but he's also got at least two molars coming on the top of his month. I can just imagine a toothache headache that lasts for three days. Poor Harry. Poor tired parents.

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