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February 11, 2001 - Sunday
Harry has woken up early the last couple of mornings. Yesterday, his mother got up at 5:30 and I, fresh off a jet-lag inducing west coast business trip tried to stay in bed a little while longer. This morning we both got up at that time and that left us worn out. In fact, I ended up crashing on the coach after just a couple of hours. A little after that, Harry himself, having not slept well yesterday or last night, took a longer than usual nap in the morning. Actually, he doesn't nap too much in the mornings anymore, especially not at daycare where a full morning of activity gets all the kids to take long naps in the afternoon. And, this afternoon showed just why. Here were his two tired parents, drained from lack of sleep, constantly yawning and desperate for Harry to show signs of fatigue so we could put him to sleep for his afternoon nap and lie down ourselves. Harry, however, fresh from the solid morning pick-me-up nap, showed no signs of being ready himself. But, he had cast the die by waking up so early and we were not in a generous mood. At the first hint of tiredness, a mere whimper of discontent, he was whisked off to the crib and we to the sofa.

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