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February 18, 2001 - Sunday
Harry knows he's not suppose to touch the CD rack. It's one of just a couple things in the house that are off limits (another is the brick hearth visible in the top right hand corner here) and results in a stern "Harry!" or "Harry, no!" if he touches it. And, Harry has been very good about the CDs over the last several weeks and took one more delightful step this evening toward conscientiousness. He was near the rack and clearly tempted by the CDs, even about to make a move for them when his mother said "Harry?" in a soft voice. But, Harry, a learned boy, gracefully turned and quietly said "no, no" and walked away.

Somewhat less graceful, Harry
has been practicing making himself dizzy. He'll spin around several times as fast as he can, admittedly not very fast, then stop and wait for the effect Sometimes he'll even fall down.

He's learning so much.

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