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February 22, 2001 - Thursday
Harry's discovered the joys of bubble wrap. At first, we'd have to hold one of the bubbles very taut while Harry pressed his index finger as hard as he could until it popped. And, that's admittedly still the most fun way, since we still see the thrill in his face. But, more recently he has learned to squeeze the bubble wrap on his own and make it pop. Or, he'll pound on it (one of Harry's default responses to almost anything with anything) with some random solid object like a block or hard rubber ball and get it to pop that way. His word for bubble wrap is "pop," and now often calls for it emphatically when the urge strikes.

Another interesting, if not tenuous, predilection of Harry's is putting ribbons and other precarious objects -
like plastic bags - around his neck. I'm not sure where this habit came from, but he'll often be walking around looking like the picture to the top right with several ribbons dangling like a priest's stole. On the theory that a parent has to pick battles carefully and Harry probably wouldn't understand why he couldn't hang long stringy objects from his neck, we tend to just watch him very carefully, especially now that he's discovered the cat's fascination with dangling ribbons. Fortunately, Harry has yet to discover the cat's claws, a key part of the cat's revelry in the ribbons.

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