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January 24, 2001 - Wednesday
It turns out it isn't just random brilliance that has Harry using a fork. His daycare, apparently, regularly has the kids try to use utensils at lunch. The fact that Harry is the youngest of the group there, I'm sure, only increases his possibility to learn. I've thought this before with several of Harry's recent breakthroughs - like walking, talking, general friendliness with others, and his still charmingly cool backwards bye-bye wave - and that they all stem from a child's desire to emulate those around him. The small crowd of friends his sees daily, all older, and a practiced daycare provider seem to be doing wonders for his development.

I'm betting, though, that Harry didn't learn his new High 5 at daycare. In fact, I'm not sure how he learned it. Harry's mother takes credit as an off-shoot of an arm westling game she and Harry often play in the back seat of the car. That started with his mother almost at a complete loss to appease a distraught boy stuck unwillingly stuck in a carseat. Of course, Harry didn't really know the rules of the game and, therefore, always lost, but somehow he thought it was one of the funniest things ever. From that, High 5. Whatever the reason, he'll be ready for our Super Bowl Party on Sunday.

Harry's doctor said we shouldn't look for him to use utensils before 18 months. We thought he was a genius, but maybe he's just being well taught. Well, maybe it's a little of both.

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