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January 27, 2001 - Saturday
I'd never thought about it, but his mother says Harry got this behavior of crossing his feet from me. I suppose I do it, though I wouldn't think it's that unique a trait. Mostly, I would have thought that it's something I do because I'm often barefoot to keep my feet warm or something, implying that it's a learned behavior rather than a hardwired instinct. Of course, Harry is also often barefoot and maybe he's just learning the behavior the same way.

I really don't think so often about how Harry is of me and likely carrying many of my good and bad habits as baggage. Mostly, he's just a little person trying to find his own way. But, that is, indeed, his lot in life. His mother and me: for better and worse. I suppose our goal as parents is to see that he takes the best of us and learns from the bad. Or, maybe that our job as parents: to learn from the bad and not repeat it.

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