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July 14, 2001 - Satuday
We took Harry up to the cabin this afternoon and the timing worked out perfectly. We left shortly after lunch and a little before Harry would ordinarily take his nap. He fell asleep within 10 minutes and slept almost the entire remaining two plus hours to the grocery store nearest the cabin. He woke up an hour into the trip and gave his mother and me a worry, but quickly went back to sleep for most of the remaining time we were in the car.

After we got there, Harry's mother took him down to pick blueberries. I'd think that a boy Harry's age wouldn't be well suited to picking berries - heck, a boy my age is that well suited either to saving them in a bowl - but Harry did very well putting the berries in the bowl. His daycare provider took her gang of kids strawberry picking a couple of weeks ago and I guess Harry learned well. I even tried to put one in his mouth, but he took it out and put that berry in the bowl. Of course, Harry didn't always control the bowl so well and spilled it a time or two, including once on purpose so he could refill it with the berries. But, he tries very hard and that's what counts.

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