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July 7, 2001 - Saturday
Today was the "4th of July" in our new town and Harry saw another parade! It was our first time seeing this parade and it wasn't bad at all, with the fire trucks Harry liked, plus a few bands, tractors, cars, and even balloons. Several participants were throwing candy and a nice lady next to us kept handing it to us for Harry. We've not given him much candy thus far, but eventually I gave him a Smartie. At first he whinced when I put some foreign object in his mouth, but he quickly smiled as the hard sugar began to fill his mouth. Fortunately, it took a little while for him to eat it. Otherwise, it would have been a never ending string of "more."

This evening, we had some friends over for a barbecue dinner. It was nothing terribly elaborate, just some fresh corn, burgers, and hot dogs, but with their two kids (boys: 3.5 years and 7 months) and Harry it seemed appropriate to be casual. We met this couple about eight years ago when he joined the same company Harry's mother and I were at then. They moved away a couple years later, but came back to the area a couple of years ago and our new house is only 3-4 miles away from theirs. Naturally, with two boys to deal with, they become something of a model of what we can expect with Harry and Jeremy.

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