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June 30, 2001 - Saturday
We went to a backyard pool party today. It was the first time Harry had been in a pool in more than a year and it took him a little while, both literally and figuratively, to get into it. But, once he did he was true water baby, splashing, kicking, and paddling (well, a little) as we held him up.

Equally satisfying, Harry held together remarkably well as he started to get hungry later in the afternoon. Admittedly, there was a lot of possible excitement being at a new place, but there were a lot of adults there not giving him toddler-style entertainment and a serious thunderstorm that drove us all into a small, confined area for a while. It seemed as though Harry could have lost his composure at any time, but in the most tenuous moments his mother and I were able to find a quieter area of the house and give Harry just enough distraction.

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