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July 1, 2001 - Sunday
We went to visit Aunt Lisa and Uncle Ben today and it was the first time Harry had been there in a month and a half and just the second time ever. But, he clearly remembered the place. Aunt Lisa has a pet king snake that she keeps in a glass case in the living room behind their sofa and as soon as we put Harry down he went straight to it. Charmingly, Harry realized that snake was sleeping and said "sleepy, shhh," putting his index near his lips. Of course, right after that he turned around toward his mother and excitedly said, "snake!" Fortunately, it probably didn't wake up the snake. If it did, Harry set things right by turning back and again saying "sleep, shhh."

Also of note, Harry seems to have resolved his dilemma of multiple "Bens," with a baby cousin and Uncle Ben. Harry started saying "Uhp-Ben," a pretty good attempt at "uncle" for a little boy !

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