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July 6, 2001 - Friday
We went down to visit Harry's Uncle Ben, Aunt Lisa, and their new baby Chloe this afternoon and saw Harry's grandpa, who was also there to see his new granddaughter. To the left, Harry is "helping" grandpa husk corn for dinner. Harry loves corn on the cob. It was a breakthrough food for him a year ago and has remained an identifiable favorite. We also had much better success getting Harry to sit through dinner, thanks to a booster seat we threw in the car. We bought a second booster just like Harry's at a yard sale a while ago, thinking that it would be good to have for Jeremy and for just these traveling occasions with Harry. Without it last weekend, and without being buckled down for dinner, Harry seemed more anxious to seek entertainment elsewhere than the table.

Before we went down to Ben and Lisa's house, we told Harry we were going and he seemed to pick right up on it. Right away he called out Uhp-Ben, Zisa, and either said Klee, having see Chloe just once. Then we told him that Grandpa would be there too and he said "Pampa" (an improvement from "Poppa") and then "Judy," in an apparently remarkable allusion to Grandpa's lady friend who would be there too. But, shortly after Judy, Harry went on to say "doggie," a clear reference to Harry's other grandfather's pet dog. Multiple grandpas and multiple Judys have got to be confusing to a little boy.

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