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May 20, 2001 - Sunday
Harry likes to think he's tall. He is not, of course, tall by almost any measure: he's a toddler and short for his age. But sometime, and I don't know where, he came to understand about changing his elevation and that being up higher effectively makes him tall. It's a good little joke that he's wont to play a lot these days, climbing atop of random pieces of furniture - chairs, the sofa, the deck in the back - and declaring himself to be "tall." It doesn't particularly matter the degree to which he is up, although I think I did notice an extra gleam in his eye when he was standing on the changing table briefly making him taller than I. But, this exercise mat is almost as good. In fact, it's a little better than most other objects he's learning to climb because he can do it quickly and that allows him to perform his little joke several times in a row by stepping off and then back on the mat.

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