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May 21, 2001 - Monday
When Harry was at the old daycare, every afternoon - well, I like to remember it as every afternoon anyway - when I arrived to pick him up, Harry would get all excited that his dad was there to get him. Often times, he'd stop whatever he was doing, get up and come toddling over with his arms outstretched. And, before he could toddle, he would get a big smile and raise his hands for me to pick him up. That wonderful moment has almost never happened at his new daycare. Whether, it's that there are so many more toys - and interesting toys like backhoes, trucks, matchbox cars, and plastic dinosaurs - or just that Harry is growing up and becoming more independent, or that he's just happier there, I don't really know. I do think, although I acknowledge it could just be wishful thinking on my part, that many days when I get there I see a twinge of a smile (sometimes to bolster my theory, he even openly offers an excited "daddy") before he goes back about his business playing. In that moment, I often think I'm seeing Harry so excited that I'm there that he's trying to show me all the interesting stuff he's done that day. However, it's hard to know.

Today was much the same. I got to daycare and Harry just about ignored me. When I asked rhetorically whether he wanted to go-go, he said "no," his pat answer to most questions these days. But then I told him that we were going for a ride and, wouldn't you know, he understood it right away. In fact, his whole demeanor about leaving changed and he started calling out "ride' and "bike," clearly knowing exactly what was up. I've only taking him out a few times this year and have thought that he, minimally, didn't mind the bike rides, but this was quite a different response than even I expected. He loved it and was ready to go. Harry's reaction to the future bike ride also proves just how much he's becoming aware of what we say around him and how much he's starting to remember.

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