November 7, 2001 - Wednesday
I have to concede that when Jeremy was born early Saturday morning and I first looked at him, he wasn't quite what I had expected. Of course, I said that about Harry, too, but this was a little different. With Harry I guess I had no real idea what to expect, but with Jeremy I did: I expected to see another Harry. But, Jeremy came out looking a bit awkward, his face was squished and lopsided from the delivery, as well as being marked by red from the various pressures of the last half hour, where Harry was fresh and soft from the start. Even Jeremy's mother admits to being a little surprised at his initial appearance. Yet, in the days since, as his head has regained the form that the birth canal took away (although his face is still a little crooked), and as the red marks have given way to baby soft skin, Jeremy has come into his own as we both knew he would. He furrowed brow is mine. His forehead is his mother's. His eyes and nose are like mine. He is ours and we are so pleased he's come.

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