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I don't have much doubt anymore that Harry is vying for attention a little more now, at least in his mind. His calls aren't that blatant and I suppose he's just acting like a normal two year old. Yet, there are a few subtle changes that I've noticed over the last week that I don't think are just a coincidence. He's been crying again when I leave his bedroom at night if he's not asleep and stringing it out longer than he has in quite some time. He's been more animated about getting responses from his parents and more high-strung when they do not arrive. He's been dropping things on purpose and then adamantly yelling "uh-oh" and flailing his arms so we help him pick it up or fix a problem. And, while he's returned to some semblance of normal eating habits, his mother and I still approach meals with some degree of trepidation. Fortunately, he continues to show only idyllically charming brotherly love to Jeremy. His mother notes in anguish that he likes to kiss Jeremy, but not her.

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November 11, 2001 - Sunday
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