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November 13, 2001 - Tuesday
We started a new routine today with Harry: he's now going to spend just half days at daycare, coming home after lunch and before his nap. It obviously makes sense to shorten the hours there while his mother is home on maternity leave and, I suppose, we could even stop daycare all together. But, we've been of the opinion that keeping Harry in something of his own routine following the birth of Jeremy was not a bad idea, nor was the idea of having him away from the house for a few hours a day as we get aclimated to having a second child.

The tricky part of this new schedule seems like it will be trying to get Harry to take a nap as soon as he gets home, just when he's ready to get our attention. I think we're going to have to be rather cold for a while and not spend much time with him singing him to sleep and just have him get used to coming home and sleeping. Today, he must have stayed awake for at least a half an hour after we put him in his bedroom. Hopefully, as the new routine emerges, he'll get used to going to sleep right away like he reputedly did daily at daycare. Fortunately, after a week of making a scene when being dropped of at daycare in the mornings, this morning Harry was mostly back to his old self, anxious to get to the task of playing and forgeting about dad. It's for the best.

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