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November 27, 2001 - Tuesday
Jeremy's mother has said that he has been trying to smile for a few days now and I've been thinking I'd seen it too. But, there's really no doubt about it anymore. This picture didn't quite capture it, but he's definitely smiling, and it even seems like he's trying to laugh, (both of which are slightly ahead of Harry).

I think of smiling as really the first big developmental milestone in Harry's life and I suppose that's likely to be the same for Jeremy as I look back on his early days. The other early milestone, which came earlier for Harry, was holding his head up without support. Oddly, I'm not sure whether Jeremy is doing that yet or not and that's strange because ever since the end of his first week it has seemed that he was doing it or at least about to do it. Yet, he still doesn't do it consistently.

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