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November 29, 2001 - Thursday
These are just three pictures of a little boy posing for his father and the camera in a new garment, I know. But, I still find them fascinating. First, Harry is, here and in other pictures, now clearly posing. He's seen enough pictures of himself in these pages to have sufficient self-awareness to know that his image is being captured. When I told him I wanted to take a picture, he knew just what to do, even when I turned him around for the last one. Second, he was excited about wearing this new raincoat and indeed proud of the grasshopper on the back. I don't know when I started caring much about clothes, but it seems like high school or something. Harry, on the other hand, knew that this was his new coat and, apparently, that it was fashionable and wanted to wear it. Finally, Harry also knew that this coat had something to do with his new pastime of jumping and splashing in puddles. After Harry in his raincoat left for daycare, his mother went with Jeremy to buy Harry some boots.

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