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October 12, 2001 - Friday
We've been trying fairly hard, perhaps me more than Harry's mother, to wean Harry from the need to whine in order to express his desires. He's definitely talking well enough now to communicate most of his desires so we can understand them and encouraging him to do that seems far preferable to random whining for several reasons. When he does whine I tend to show disappointment and tell him that there's no reason to do it. Sometimes when I think he's really working it, I'll admittedly be more severe with him, although that can result in Harry either stopping the whining or descending into something altogether more out of control. Sometimes he just needs to be a toddler and that's going to happen. So, we deal with it. But sometimes, just as he falling over the edge and into the abyss of tears, he visibly pulls himself out: breathing deeply between the sniffles and trying to collect himself just like an adult might try to do. Maybe it's cold-hearted to say, but it's just fascinating to watch. At these times I really quite proud that he's trying so hard to behave well.

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