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October 17, 2001 - Wednesday
As Harry and I have eaten breakfast together for several weeks now, his spoon technique has gone from a charming effort to something that is really quite efficient, at least for him. That is to say: he can eat rather quickly with a spoon and gets most of it in his mouth. Although he's started to object, Harry definitely still wears a bib at breakfast.

When we started eating cereal together, I mostly spoon fed Harry from my bowl. Then, he insisted on his own spoon, which he'd generally use for the first half of the meal. He sometimes still lets me help him toward the end, but these days I'm always a little surprised when he does. Harry started eating out of his own bowl: a little one at first, but today we switched Harry to "big" bowl due to the curiosity that Harry seems convinced somehow that my bowl always has the better stuff in it, almost regardless of the actual cereal in either. We'll see if bigger is better for Harry.

Harry's been trying out this tipping action for a few days now and, somewhat surprisingly, hasn't spilled at all yet. He even using this proper Emily Post method of tipping away, but not always. Interestingly, he's been interested in spooning the milk for quite a while, though for a long time he objected when I'd pour milk in his bowl.

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