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October 25, 2001 - Thursday
Harry really hasn't been drinking all that much milk and it's been a concern of his mother's for a while. He drinks water often enough, so fluids aren't so much a problem, but there are vitamins in milk that he ought to be getting. So a few days ago, we had the idea to give Harry milk in an open cup with dinner. He's drank from a cup [March 18] before on many occasions of the last several months, but we've refrained from making it part of his normal routine because with liquids in a cup, a 95% success rate can be kind of messy. But, lately he'd been asking to drink his mother's water out of her cup and we figured this might be a way to get him to drink more milk.

It's worked like a charm, though I suppose that's to be expected while it's still a novelty. The down side to this new open cup is that Harry likes to put things in the cup. His mother has read that this is common behavior for young people as they experiment with the world around them, but that doesn't make it all that fun to see. Fortunately, we've done pretty well so far avoiding too many dinner solids ending up in his milk, though he has often had the notion. However, we are now in the habit of meeting his daily demand to put an ice cube in the milk for him.

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