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April 3, 2003 - Thursday
At just about the same point in his life, Harry starting doing what Jeremy is doing here. We called it "cat surfing"; Harry and now Jeremy holding onto Paavo's tail and being pulled alone to where the cat wants to go. Fortunately, Paavo is a male cat and doesn't mind his tail being pulled (as long as it's not violently), and most often even shows he enjoys it, purring loudly.Of course, it's not something we encourage, but since Paavo doesn't seem to mind, we generally try to monitor the situation just to make sure that pleasures not turn. With Harry, the only problem ended up being pulled too hard, falling into the side of the the table, and getting a fat lip. So far, either Paavo is two years more mellow or Jeremy isn't quite as tenacious, or maybe it's just jaded parents not paying as close attention (although I don't really think so), but things seem to move slower between the two of them than they did when Harry was cat surfing.

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