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April 8, 2003 - Tuesday
Harry seems to be up to about a 30 second phone call conversation now when I call home from a business trip. Actually, it's more like three 15-30 second conversations over the course of the few minutes I'm on the phone with his mother. The first little conversation is usually the longest, with him talking about what ever is going on at that moment and maybe a little about what happened that day at school and typically ends with Harry just disappearing from the line and his mother coming on to inform me that his focus has shifted to a new activity. The other conversations will either be him remembering something to tell me or me asking his mother to put him on once more to say "good-bye."

Jeremy, having been fascinated by the phone and my voice coming from it for a while, has moved from curiously grinning into it and about it to smiling and laughing into the phone.

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