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April 12, 2003 - Saturday
There's not a lot of TV watching for the boys at our house. Harry often watches a tape I've made of six different Bob the Builder episodes, usually during the time Jeremy is taking a bath in the evening, and we do have the one Thomas the Tank Engine tape, which Harry hasn't asked for very recently. We do still watch bowling most weekends during lunch. It seems fairly harmless and now that Harry's learning to count it's starting to actually have an educational component. I suppose it's also a little male bonding since we can both, and Jeremy too, get excited and throw up our hands when the bowlers knock them all down. But, beyond that Jeremy watches a Baby Einstein tape at his baby-sitter's house and not much more.

So, here are the boys, completely captivated with all creativity being sucked from their little brains by Thomas the Tank Engine on a Saturday with their mother away and me too tired from a week of business travel to do any better for them. Frankly, I think we've done a remarkable job resisting this far-too-easy electonic baby-sitter.

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