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April 17, 2003 - Thursday
Harry had been asking to go to the "tubs and slides," McDonald's playland, for a couple of days, so with a little less pleasant weather today than the last couple of days, we went. We've been before, of course, including a couple of times in the afternoon over the last few months when we simply went to play (although today I bought a shake and shared it with the boys). The interesting thing about this particular visit was that Harry seemed to get over his hesitation about going down the tube slides. In the past, he has climbed up the tubes, even to the very top, and gotten very excited, but he's never slid down the tube slides, favoring instead to climb back down the same more controlled way he went up. He has said he doesn't like the slides, but never been able to articulate why.

Today, I had asked him about the slides in the car before we got there. He had answered the same, that he didn't like the slides, at that time, but I had a feeling, I'm not quite sure why, that he'd been giving the slides some thought. Then, after he had bee playing with Jeremy over in the baby area, as he has been wont to do, I happened to catch him pensively looking up toward the slides, watching some other kids come down. Just moments later, he emerged from the shorter green slide, smiling and calling out, "I did it, I came down the green slide." And, he did that several more times. He did not go up to the very tall pink slide, but that may have been just that we weren't there too much longer.

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