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August 1, 2003 - Friday
All of a sudden - certainly that's how it seems - Jeremy is using different names for his mother and me. Instead of "Mama," she is now "Mom" or "Mommy." It originally started with"Hi, Mom," a couple of weeks ago, but I would have that was more of a trick phrase (as in, "Jeremy, can you say 'hi, mom?'"). But, within the last few days she's clearly become "mom/mommy." With me, he was saying "Ad'n" all this week. I was just talking to his baby-sitter about me being "his Ad'n." But now, yesterday and today, I'm "Dad," although sometimes "Dad'n," in want I'm sure will be a short-lived reminiscence of when Harry was just learning to talk. Pretty soon Jeremy will say "Dad" and our second boy will be on his way to growing up.


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