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August 4, 2003 - Monday
One day near the beach yesterday waiting for the clouds and rain to go away was enough. The things we do for the kids, or maybe there are for ourselves by keeping the kids entertained, can be funny sometimes. Today it was going to the beach with a borrowed beach umbrella, not because of a burning sun, but because we wanted to try to stay out of the rain. It was a light rain, a drizzle really, but the boys needed to get out of the house and so did we. We probably stayed on the beach, effectively alone, for more than 45 minutes and aside from the chill from the raw weather it was actually kind of fun. Harry dug in the sand with mommy while I carried Jeremy to try and go see a front loader that was taking advantage of the empty beach to clear debris. Jeremy and I never got that close, it was more than a quarter mile up the beach. But, unlike last year Jeremy loved the water this time. He and I walked more than half of that quarter mile back, hand in hand, ankle-deep in the low tide surf.

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