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August 9, 2003 - Saturday
I have to admit that Jeremy's had a bit of a rough week. Heck, so have I. Harry had a fever on Monday and Jeremy had the same on Wednesday plus vomiting, and the rainy weather on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday had us all too trapped in a cottage with limited ideas for entertainment. At times it's felt like one long weekend with nothing planned, only augmented by an unfulfilled adult desire to enjoy our vacation. Jeremy, however, has been particularly out of sorts, not eating at all well at meals, seemingly complaining about his teeth (pointing often to his mouth -- it seems like there may be a moral coming in), and generally not at all the calm and happy boy his usually is. It may simply be that Jeremy is a home boy: a thumb-sucking, cloth-clenching toddler who's comfortable in a routine and a lot less so when out of it. Increasingly as the week has gone by, Jeremy has, at those down moments, talked about "home" ("hum") and his apparent desire to go back to the norm. That's not to say that he hasn't enjoyed the trains, the beach, he-yuhting it up with Harry. But, I think that Jeremy is just as happy to be home again today.

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